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United Ireland: Quiz


Question 1: ________ and nationalists want Northern Ireland to leave the United Kingdom and unify with the Republic of Ireland.
Irish republicanismProvisional Irish Republican ArmyOfficial Irish Republican ArmyThe Troubles

Question 2: Currently, the island encompasses the territory of two independent sovereign states: the Republic of Ireland, which covers the southern 26 counties of the island, and the United Kingdom, one of whose constituent countries is ________.
Northern IrelandIrish peopleScotlandWales

Question 3: These include the Irish Republican Socialist Party, which supports a united socialist Irish state and is affiliated with the ________.
Provisional Irish Republican ArmyIrish National Liberation ArmyContinuity Irish Republican ArmyOfficial Irish Republican Army

Question 4: Essentially the ________'s share of the UK national debt was waived by Britain in exchange for the border remaining as defined in the 1920 Government of Ireland Act.
Northern IrelandIrish Free StateGaelic IrelandAnglo-Irish Treaty

Question 5: A possible referendum on a united Ireland was included as part of the terms of the ________.
St Andrews AgreementNorthern IrelandBelfast AgreementNorthern Ireland Assembly

Question 6: An ICM poll conduced by ________ in 2001 revealed that only 26% of Britons supported Northern Ireland remaining a part of the UK, while 41% supported a united Ireland.
The GuardianThe IndependentThe TimesThe Observer

Question 7: Another such party, Republican Sinn Féin, linked to the ________, does not believe that the Irish government or the Northern Ireland Executive are legitimate as neither legislates for Ireland as a whole.
Official Irish Republican ArmyContinuity Irish Republican ArmyIrish National Liberation ArmyProvisional Irish Republican Army

Question 8: In Great Britain all major parties support the ________.
Northern Ireland AssemblyNorthern IrelandSt Andrews AgreementBelfast Agreement

Question 9: The Liberal Democrats have a close relation with the ________ and share their policy of supporting the Belfast Agreement whilst expressing reservations about what they perceive as its institutionalised sectarianism.
Democrats 66People's Party for Freedom and DemocracyAlliance Party of Northern IrelandEuropean Liberal Democrat and Reform Party

Question 10: The ________ had previously been the largest nationalist party in Northern Ireland, but has suffered in elections since Sinn Féin's abandoned armed politics.
Democratic Unionist PartySinn FéinUlster Unionist PartySocial Democratic and Labour Party

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