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United Arab Republic: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the capital of United Arab Republic?

Question 2:
What region does United Arab Republic belong to?
Carlton County
Brisbane East
Arab World

Question 3: Egypt includes parts of the Sahara Desert and of the ________.
Libyan DesertNubian DesertEastern DesertFarafra, Egypt

Question 4: Arab Federation (1958) - The Kingdom of Iraq and the ________
JordanSaint HelenaBarbadosZulu Kingdom

Question 5: The UAR adopted a flag based on the ________ but with two stars to represent the two parts.
Flag of AlgeriaFlag of LibyaFlag of EgyptFlag of Sudan

Question 6: In 1963, ________ adopted a flag that was similar but with three stars, representing the hope that Iraq would join the UAR.

Question 7:
Who of the following is/was the leader of United Arab Republic?
u00C1lvaro Josu00E9 Alves Manito
Andrew Jackson
Stanisu0142aw Longawa,
Gamal Abdel Nasser

Question 8:
What is the national anthem of United Arab Republic?
Oh My Weapon
God Save the King/Queen
Pfano na vhuthihi
"Aash Al Maleek"

Question 9:
What era did United Arab Republic belong to?
War on Terror
Cold war- present
Cold War
Cold War to present

Question 10:
What time offset in UTC is United Arab Republic in during daylight savings?
-4 UTC


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