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United Airlines: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the revenue of United Airlines?
u20A9 646,600,000,000
US $15,200,000
US$20.2 Billion
US$, 1.6 Billion

Question 2: This partnership includes codeshare and ________ agreements.
In-flight entertainmentStar AllianceFrequent-flyer programAirline alliance

Question 3: To cut down on money going out of the franchise, United has retired its entire ________ fleet.
Boeing 737 Next GenerationBoeing 737 ClassicBoeing 737Boeing 747

Question 4: [4] It is a subsidiary of UAL Corporation with corporate offices in ________ at 77 West Wacker Drive in the Chicago Loop.
Burr Ridge, IllinoisBlue Island, IllinoisChicagoElmhurst, Illinois

Question 5: As part of the ________, two United Airlines planes were hijacked by terrorists affiliated with al-Qaeda.
United Airlines Flight 93Osama bin LadenResponsibility for the September 11 attacksSeptember 11 attacks

Question 6:
What is the company slogan of United Airlines?
It's time everyone flies.
It's Time To Fly
It's about you. And it's about time.
FO' brothas, empowering the lives of black sgl men 1 click at a time.

Question 7: By the end of 1986, United operated flights to 13 Pacific destinations, most of which were purchased from the ailing ________.
American AirlinesContinental AirlinesNorthwest AirlinesPan American World Airways

Question 8: United was the launch customer of the ________ and had significant input on its design.
Boeing 767Boeing 747Boeing 787Boeing 777

Question 9:
Who of the following is a key person at United Airlines?
John P. Tague
Ralph P. Scozzafava, Chairman & CEO
Robert P. Ingle , Robert P. Ingle II , James W. Lanning
Martin P. Lorenzo

Question 10:
What entity owns United Airlines?

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