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Unitarianism: Quiz


Question 1: However, not all members of the ________ are theological Unitarians.
UnitarianismUnitarian Universalist AssociationUnitarian UniversalismUniversalism

Question 2: Arian ideas persist among Unitarians in Transylvania, Hungary, France, and several countries in ________.
Scramble for AfricaAfricaSub-Saharan AfricaAfrican Union

Question 3: The Son of God is a preexistent being, the ________ who dwelt with God in the beginning and then was born as the man Jesus.
DemiurgeTrinityChristian apologeticsLogos

Question 4: the conviction that no religion can claim an absolute monopoly on the Holy Spirit or ________ truth.

Question 5: The denial of pre-existence but belief in the virgin birth is sometimes distinguished as Socinianism from ________.
Fausto Paolo SozziniOrthodox ChurchNontrinitarianismProtestant Reformation

Question 6: Jesus is the (or a) ________, but generally not God himself.
Son of GodBiblical canonGod the SonTimeline of Christianity

Question 7: Friendliness toward unitarianism has sometimes gone hand-in-hand with ________.
Christian theologyAnti-CatholicismBiblical canonDeism

Question 8: Other modern nontrinitarian churches or fellowships include the Filipino-based ________, the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, and the Christian Churches of God (CCG).
Iglesia ni CristoCatholicismChristianityRestorationism (Christian primitivism)

Question 9: [13] The ________,[14][15] the Church of God of the Abrahamic Faith and the some of the groups which came out of the Way International[16] do not believe in the literal preexistence of Jesus, but do believe in the virgin birth.
NontrinitarianismChristianityChristadelphiansJehovah's Witnesses

Question 10: This version of unitarianism is more commonly called ________, rather than Unitarianism.
Restorationism (Christian primitivism)NontrinitarianismChristologyChristianity

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