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Question 1: This is because a pair of tones in unison come from different locations and/or can have different "colors" (________), i.e.
OperaTimbreColoraturaChest voice

Question 2: If there is no instrument, then the singing is said to be ________.
Collegiate a cappellaBoyz II MenA cappellaThe Sing-Off

Question 3: In ________, the word unison can be applied in more than one way:
Music theoryMusical notationClassical musicMusic

Question 4: An example is a ________ or a choir singing a hymn.
Barbershop musicBarbershop arrangingUnited KingdomBarbershop Harmony Society

Question 5: These waveforms have the same fundamental ________ but differ in the amplitudes of their higher harmonics.
SoundFrequencyOpticsElectromagnetic radiation

Question 6: Monophony could also conceivably include more than one voice which do not sing in unison but whose pitches move in parallel, always maintaining the same interval of an ________.
OctaveFifteenthSemitoneInterval (music)

Question 7: On synthesizers, the term unison is used to describe two or more ________ that are slightly detuned in correspondence to each other, which makes the sound fatter.
VibrationElectronic oscillatorHarmonic oscillatorOscillation

Question 8: come from different ________ or human voices.
Musical notationMusical instrumentClassical musicByzantine lyra


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