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Union of Lublin: Quiz


Question 1: Today's Republic of Poland considers itself a successor to the Commonwealth,[16] whereas the pre-________ Republic of Lithuania saw the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth mostly in a negative light.
Collaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISoviet occupationsWorld War IISecond Sino-Japanese War

Question 2: The Sejm met in January, 1567, near the Polish town of ________, but did not reach an agreement.

Question 3: Though the Polish ________ wanted full incorporation of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania into the Crown, the Lithuanians continued to oppose this, and agreed only to a federal state.
Polish–Lithuanian CommonwealthSzlachtaLithuanian nobilityKhmelnytsky Uprising

Question 4: On March 26, the king was forced by the szlachta to incorporate[4] [5] the southern Lithuanian-controled lands of Podlasie, Volhynia, Podolia and the ________ regions into the Crown of Poland.

Question 5: However Lithuania had been increasingly on the losing side of the ________ and by the second half of the 16th century it faced the threat of total defeat in the Livonian war and incorporation into Russia.
Muscovite–Lithuanian WarsPolish–Muscovite War (1605–1618)Russo-Polish War (1577–1582)Russo-Polish War (1654–1667)

Question 6: It was signed July 1, 1569, in ________, Poland, and created a single State, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Question 7: A common parliament, the ________, held its sessions in Warsaw; it had 114 deputies from the Polish lands and 48 from Lithuania.
Senate of the Republic of PolandPolitics of PolandContract SejmSejm of the Republic of Poland

Question 8: Execution of ________ was not extended to the Grand Duchy.
Newfoundland and LabradorPolish–Lithuanian CommonwealthCrown landAlberta

Question 9: The Union was one of the constitutional changes required to establish a formal ________ that would simultaneously reign over the two domains.
Elective monarchyConstitutional monarchyMagna CartaMonarchism

Question 10: The Commonwealth was ruled by a single elected monarch who carried out the duties of Polish King and ________, and governed with a common Senate and parliament (the Sejm).
Khmelnytsky UprisingHistory of UkraineGrand Duchy of LithuaniaGolden Horde


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