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Union for a Popular Movement: Quiz


Question 1: However, the UMP does poorly in one of the UDF's best regions, ________, where the decline of religious practice, a moderate electorate and urbanization has hurt the UMP and also the UDF.
Breton peopleNantesBrittanyBreton language

Question 2:
When was Union for a Popular Movement founded?

Question 3:
What is the native name for Union for a Popular Movement
Union pour un Mouvement Populaire
Espace Francophone pour la Recherche, le Du00E9veloppement et l'Innovation
Mouvement pour la France
Mouvement Ru00E9publicain Populaire

Question 4:
What ideology does Union for a Popular Movement subscribe to?
Liberalism, Centrism,
Liberal conservatism, Classical liberalism
PopulismLibertarianismFiscal Conservatism
Liberal conservatism,

Question 5:
Where are the headquarters of Union for a Popular Movement?
Toom-Ru00FCu00FCtli 3/5
55, rue La Bou00E9tie
Kalhu , Assur, Nineveh, Harran, Dur-Sharrukin
Alexandria and Cairo in Egypt

Question 6: The UMP's electoral base reflects that of the old ________ and, in some cases, that of the Union for French Democracy.
Gaullist PartyUnion for a Popular MovementRally for the RepublicJacques Chirac

Question 7: The unpopularity with the electorate of Jacques Chirac and ________'s government led most members of the UMP to support Nicolas Sarkozy, a rival of Chirac.
Charles PasquaJean François-PoncetPierre MauroyJean-Pierre Raffarin

Question 8:
What are the colours of the Union for a Popular Movement?

Question 9:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Union for a Popular Movement?
Later emperors
Jerzy Poku00F3j
Mike Mansfield
Xavier Bertrand

Question 10: However, in old "clerical" Catholic rural areas, such as parts of Lozère or ________, it is very strong, as was the Union for French Democracy (UDF) in its hey day.


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