Union Navy: Quiz

Question 1: The capture of ________ was only marginally connected with the blockade, as New Orleans was already pretty well sealed off.
New OrleansNew Orleans metropolitan areaBaton Rouge, LouisianaLouisiana

Question 2: Already at the ________ (7 November 1861), 77 vessels, including 19 warships, were employed.
Confederate States of AmericaBattle of Port RoyalAmerican Civil WarUSS Augusta (1853)

Question 3: The term is sometimes used carelessly to include vessels of war used on the rivers of the interior while they were actually under the control of the United States Army, referred to in the same fashion as the ________.
Overland CampaignJackson's Valley CampaignUnion ArmyAmerican Civil War

Question 4: For administration of the blockade, the Navy was divided into four squadrons: the North Atlantic, South Atlantic, East Gulf, and ________.
United StatesLouisianaAmerican Civil WarUnion blockade

Question 5: [20] The later capture of ________ was intended from the start to provide a southern anchor for the Atlantic blockade.
Nassau County, FloridaFernandina Beach, FloridaHilliard, FloridaOrlando, Florida

Question 6: [17] (A fifth squadron, the Mississippi River Squadron, was created in late 1862 to operate in the ________ and its consequences; it was not involved with the blockade.)[18]
Ulysses S. GrantVicksburg CampaignUnion ArmyWilliam Tecumseh Sherman

Question 7: The Union Navy is the label applied to the United States Navy (USN) during the ________, to contrast it from its direct opponent, the Confederate States Navy (CSN).
Union (American Civil War)Bleeding KansasAmerican Civil WarTennessee

Question 8: The blockade of all ports in the seceded states was proclaimed by President ________ on 19 April 1861, one of the first acts of his administration following the bombardment of Fort Sumter.
Andrew JohnsonUlysses S. GrantGerald FordAbraham Lincoln

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Union_Navy)