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Unilateral hearing loss: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (BAHA)
AbutmentTorontoBone Anchored Hearing AidTitanium

Question 2: The need for headsets for cellphones and ________ communication has made monaural headphones, which often combine stereo to mono sound, readily available to solve the problem.
VideoconferencingE-mailVoice over Internet ProtocolFidoNet

Question 3: Known causes include physical trauma, acoustic neuroma, measles, microtia, ________, or mumps (Epidemic parotitis).

Question 4: Unilateral hearing loss (UHL) or single-sided deafness (SSD) is a type of hearing impairment where there is normal hearing in one ________ and impaired hearing in the other ear.
BreastPenisEarSensory system

Question 5: Profound unilateral hearing loss is a specific type of ________ when one ear has no functional hearing ability (91dB or greater hearing loss).
PresbycusisSensorineural hearing lossTinnitusHearing impairment

Question 6: For ________, the lack of input coming from the damaged sensory apparatus can cause "ghost beeps" or ringing/tinnitus as the brain attempts to interpret the now missing sensory data.
MastoiditisHearing impairmentSensorineural hearing lossConductive hearing loss

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