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Uniformitarianism: Quiz


Question 1: Uniformitarianism is a basic principle of modern ________.
GeologyNatureEarth scienceEarth

Question 2: ________'s paleontological work in the 1790s, which established the reality of extinction, explained this by local catastrophes, after which other fixed species repopulated the affected areas.
DinosaurCharles DarwinGeorges CuvierMammal

Question 3: Quine • Wilhelm Windelband • ________ • William of Ockham • William Whewell • more...
Wilhelm WundtPseudoscienceRelationship between religion and scienceEpistemology

Question 4: The terms uniformitarianism for this idea, and catastrophism for the opposing viewpoint, were coined by ________ in a review of Lyell's book.
Relationship between religion and scienceImmanuel KantAverroesWilliam Whewell

Question 5: The concept of uniformity in geological processes can be traced back to the Persian geologist, ________ (Ibn Sina), in The Book of Healing, published in 1027.

Question 6: He observed that ________ were formed after a long sequence of events that predate human existence.
LeveeLandformMountain rangeMountain

Question 7: [3] The term uniformitarianism was coined by ________, who also coined the term catastrophism for the idea that the Earth was shaped by a series of sudden, short-lived, violent events.
Immanuel KantAverroesWilliam WhewellRelationship between religion and science

Question 8: In the philosophy of naturalism, uniformitarianism assumes that the same natural laws and processes that operate in the ________ now, have always operated in the universe in the past and apply everywhere in the universe.
RedshiftUniverseBig BangTime

Question 9: An opposing idea was set out in 1785 by ________, who proposed a self-maintaining infinite cycle.
David HumeBenjamin FranklinJames HuttonScottish Enlightenment

Question 10: Hutton then sought evidence to support his idea that there must have been repeated cycles, each involving deposition on the seabed, uplift with tilting and ________ then undersea again for further layers to be deposited.
DuneErosionMouth barRiver delta


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