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Uniform Type Identifier: Quiz


Question 1: Allowable characters are A-Z, a-z, 0-9, "-", ".", and all ________ characters above U+007F.
Universal Character SetUnicodeHan unificationUTF-8

Question 2: Added in Apple's ________ 10.4 operating system, UTIs are used to identify the type of files and folders, clipboard data, bundles, aliases and symlinks, and streaming data.
Safari (web browser)Mac OS XQuickTimeMac OS X Server

Question 3: UTIs support multiple inheritance, allowing multimedia files to be identified as more than just a single type (as in ________), but as all the types the files are.
Domain Name SystemMIMEInternet Message Access ProtocolSimple Mail Transfer Protocol

Question 4: ________'s desktop search technology, Spotlight, uses UTIs to categorize documents.
Mac OS X ServerSafari (web browser)Mac OS XQuickTime

Question 5: A Uniform Type Identifier (UTI) is a string defined by ________ that uniquely identifies the type of a class of items.
Apple Inc.MacintoshMac OS XIntel Corporation

Question 6: One of the primary design goals of UTIs was to eliminate the ambiguities and problems associated with inferring a file's content from its MIME type, ________, or type or creator code.
File formatNTFSFilename extensionFile Allocation Table


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