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Unidentified flying object: Quiz


Question 1: [79] Another famous case from 1986 was the JAL 1628 case over Alaska investigated by the ________.
Marion BlakeyFederal Aviation AdministrationFederal Motor Carrier Safety AdministrationElwood Richard Quesada

Question 2: Claimed artifacts of UFOs themselves, such as 1957, Ubatuba, Brazil, magnesium fragments analyzed by the Brazilian government and in the ________ and by others.
Condon CommitteeExtraterrestrial hypothesisUfologyUnidentified flying object

Question 3: Biological effects on plants such as increased or decreased growth, germination effects on seeds, and blown-out stem nodes (usually associated with physical trace cases or ________)
Charles FortStonehengeParanormalCrop circle

Question 4: UFO enthusiasts, ________, and devotees have created organizations and religions that have adopted extraterrestrial themes, and in general the extraterrestrial UFO concept has evolved into a prominent mythos in modern culture.
ContacteeAlien abductionNordic aliensUnidentified flying object

Question 5: Animal/________ cases, that some feel are also part of the UFO phenomenon.
DenverColoradoMontanaCattle mutilation

Question 6: ________ is a neologism describing the collective efforts of those who study UFO reports and associated evidence.
Close encounterAncient astronautsUnidentified flying objectUfology

Question 7: Allen Hynek was a trained astronomer who participated in ________ after doing research as a federal government employee.
Unidentified flying objectRobertson PanelProject Blue BookUfology

Question 8: Physiological effects on people and animals including temporary paralysis, skin burns and rashes, corneal burns, and symptoms superficially resembling radiation poisoning, such as the ________ in 1980.
Unidentified flying objectJerome ClarkUfologyCash-Landrum incident

Question 9: [59] Even later UFO debunker ________ filed a UFO report in 1949.
James E. McDonaldProject Blue BookUnidentified flying objectDonald Howard Menzel

Question 10: Height 611 UFO Incident or the 1964 ________'s Socorro, New Mexico encounter of the USAF Project Blue Book cases).
Unidentified flying objectUfologyLonnie ZamoraJames E. McDonald


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