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Unicode: Quiz


Question 1: Some software developers have adopted it for other encodings, including UTF-8, so software can distinguish UTF-8 from local 8-bit ________.
Windows code pageISO/IEC 646UnicodeCode page

Question 2: Deborah Anderson at the ________ was founded in 2002 with the goal of funding proposals for scripts not yet encoded in the standard.
Stanford UniversityUniversity of California, Los AngelesUniversity of California, IrvineUniversity of California, Berkeley

Question 3: Several mechanisms have been specified for implementing Unicode; which one implementers choose depends on available storage space, ________ compatibility, and interoperability with other systems.
EmacsSource codeProgramming languageAssembly language

Question 4: Unicode is available on ________ (and its descendants, Windows 98 and Windows ME) through Microsoft Layer for Unicode.
Windows 9xOS/2Windows 95Microsoft Windows

Question 5: It is the official ________ of the People's Republic of China (PRC).
Character encodingUTF-8ASCIIUnicode

Question 6: The first 256 code points were made identical to the content of ________ so as to make it trivial to convert existing western text.
ISO/IEC 8859-15ISO/IEC 8859-1Code page 437Windows-1252

Question 7: All ________ recommendations have used Unicode as their document character set since HTML 4.0.
World Wide Web ConsortiumCascading Style SheetsXHTMLC-HTML

Question 8: Unicode is developed in conjunction with the International Organization for Standardization and shares the character repertoire with ________: the Universal Character Set.
UTF-8Universal Character SetGB 18030UTF-32/UCS-4

Question 9: Unicode covers almost all scripts (________) in current use today.
AlphabetWriting systemArabic alphabetLatin alphabet

Question 10: Unicode defines two mapping methods: the Unicode Transformation Format (UTF) encodings, and the ________ (UCS) encodings.
Universal Character SetUTF-32/UCS-4ISO/IEC 8859GB 18030


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