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Ungulate: Quiz


Question 1:
What phylum does Ungulate belong to?

Question 2: Ungulate groups represented in the ________ include the embrithopods, demostylians, mesonychids, "condylarths" and various South American and Paleogene lineages.
GeologyFossilGeologic time scalePaleontology

Question 3:
What period does the fossils of the Ungulate come from?
Early Arenig
Late Miocene - Recent
Pleistocene u2013 Recent
Late Cretaceous - Recent

Question 4: Instead, the closest relatives of pseudungulates are the Afrosoricida; the Pseudungulata and Afrosoricida make up the ________.

Question 5: Ungulates diversified rapidly in the Eocene, but are thought to date back as far as the late ________.
Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction eventDinosaurGeologic time scaleCretaceous

Question 6: Ungulata was considered an order which has been split into Perissodactyla, ________, Tubulidentata, Hyracoidea, Sirenia, and Proboscidea.
Even-toed ungulateRuminantiaHippopotamusBovid

Question 7: Most ungulates are ________, but a few are omnivores or even predators: the Mesonychia and whales.

Question 8: The orders of the extinct South-American ungulates, which arose when the continent was in isolation some time during the mid to late ________, are united in the super-order Meridiungulata.
OligocenePaleoceneCretaceousGeologic time scale

Question 9: Ungulates (meaning roughly "being pawed" or "hoofed animal") are several groups of ________, most of which use the tips of their toes, usually hoofed, to sustain their whole body weight while moving.
MammalPrimateEven-toed ungulateMammal classification

Question 10: The Pseudungulata are by some scientists united with the Afrosoricida in the cohort or super-order ________ based on molecular and DNA analysis.


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