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Question 1: [28] The following week, Edge used an edition of The Cutting Edge to join forces with ________ to form a team and began a feud against DX.
Adam CopelandJohn CenaTriple HRandy Orton

Question 2: At ________, Edge and Orton became the first team to finally defeat DX since their reunion in June.
New Year's Revolution (2007)Cyber Sunday (2006)Taboo Tuesday (2005)Survivor Series (2006)

Question 3: The main feud heading into Unforgiven was between Edge and ________ over the WWE Championship.
Matt HardyTriple HJohn CenaPaul Wight

Question 4: The main event was a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match for the WWE Championship between Edge and ________, which Cena won after retrieving the belt suspended above the ring.
John CenaTriple HMatt HardyPaul Wight

Question 5: The event unofficially began with a dark match between Super Crazy and ________.
Matt HardyAdam CopelandCarly ColónShelton Benjamin

Question 6: [9][10] On the August 28 2006 edition of Raw, Edge demanded that ________, who was in charge of Raw that night, fire Cena for his actions the week before.
The UndertakerChris JerichoShane McMahonGlenn Jacobs

Question 7: [10][14] On the August 28 edition of Raw, The McMahons viciously attacked DX after their 3-on-2 handicap match with their SummerSlam opponents, ________, Finlay and William Regal.
Kurt AngleJeff JarrettMr. KennedyRic Flair

Question 8: On the October 2, 2006 edition of Raw, ________ was scheduled to defend the WWE Championship against Edge in a Steel Cage match, after Edge invoked his rematch clause for the title.
John CenaPaul WightTriple HMatt Hardy

Question 9: The other main match on the card was ________ (DX) (Triple H and Shawn Michaels) versus The McMahons (Vince and Shane) and The Big Show in a Hell in a Cell match.
Adam CopelandChris JerichoMatt HardyD-Generation X

Question 10: Notably, ________ continued to feud with Johnny Nitro, facing off against him for the WWE Intercontinental Championship throughout September.
Ric FlairRob Van DamMatt HardyJeff Hardy


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