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Undulatory locomotion: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ moves using lateral undulation and consequently left and right motor hemisegments are active 180 degrees out of phase.
LampreyMordacia praecoxMordacia mordaxPouched lamprey

Question 2: Simulation predicts that thrust and drag are dominated by viscous forces at low ________ and inertial forces at higher Reynolds numbers.
Fluid dynamicsReynolds numberStrouhal numberKnudsen number

Question 3: ________ closely resembles the simple undulatory motion observed in many other animals such as in lizards, eels and fish, in which waves of lateral bending propagate down the snakes body.
Undulatory locomotionAmphibious fishFin and flipper locomotionWalking fish

Question 4: The ________ moves by producing dorsoventral undulations.

Question 5: Examples of this type of gait include crawling in snakes, or swimming in the ________.
Mordacia mordaxMordacia praecoxPouched lampreyLamprey

Question 6: Based on biologically hypothesized connections of the ________ in the salamander, a robotic system has been created which exhibits the same characteristics of the actual animal[15][16].
Krogh's principleCentral pattern generatorAnimal echolocationAnti-Hebbian learning

Question 7: Snakes can exhibit 5 different modes of terrestrial locomotion: (1) ________, (2) sidewinding, (3)concertina, (4)rectilinear, and (5) slide-pushing.
Fin and flipper locomotionAmphibious fishWalking fishUndulatory locomotion


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