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Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man: Quiz


Question 1: A recurrent topic is the contrast between ________ and print culture.
John Miles FoleyEpic poetryOralityOral tradition

Question 2: [7] One historical example of such detachment is ________ and the medium of typography.
Victor, 3rd duc de BroglieAdolphe ThiersFran├žois GuizotAlexis de Tocqueville

Question 3: Based on his studies in ________, McLuhan argued that technologies are to words as the surrounding culture is to a poem: the former derive their meaning from the context formed by the latter.
New HistoricismLiterary criticismLiterary theoryNew Criticism

Question 4: Lapham; reissued by Gingko Press, 2003 ISBN 1-58423-073-8) is a pioneering study in media theory written by ________.
The Gutenberg GalaxyMarshall McLuhanEnglandRhetoric

Question 5: It was a leading indicator of the upheaval of local ________ by increasingly globalized values.
SlaveryCultureHuman rightsFamily

Question 6: In his view, the purpose of ________ is to make visible what is invisible: the effects of media technologies themselves, rather than simply the messages they convey.
SociologyMedia studiesMarxismCommunication studies

Question 7: In Part One, McLuhan discusses the differences between ________ and the ways that one medium translates the content of another medium.
EnglandRhetoricMarshall McLuhanThe Gutenberg Galaxy

Question 8: ________ therefore, ideally, seeks to identify patterns within a medium and in its interactions with other media.
SociologyCommunication studiesMedia studiesMarxism

Question 9: McLuhan pointed to the ________ as a clear demonstration of this concept.
Incandescent light bulbCompact fluorescent lampFlashtubeFluorescent lamp


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