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Undercover Cops: Quiz


Question 1: Undercover Cops at the ________
MobyGames3D modelingGolden age of video arcade gamesKiller List of Videogames

Question 2: Undercover Cops also got it own ________, authorized by Waita Uziga.
Manga outside JapanMangaShōjo mangaYaoi

Question 3: It is notable for its detailed backgrounds and grimy ________ setting.

Question 4: Some enemies carry broken bottles, knives and ________ (in the World version these are replaced by planks and clubs).
BillhookAxeDrill bitAdze

Question 5: It is Irem's first attempt in the modern beat 'em up genre founded by ________'s Final Fight.
Viewtiful JoeStreet FighterCapcomResident Evil

Question 6: The appearance and functions of the ________ seen at the end of Undercover Cops exactly resembles the appearance and functions of the tank from Moon Patrol, another arcade game by Irem.
United StatesEmergency vehicle equipmentPolice carStation wagon

Question 7: For its time, it was relatively gory, featuring ________-pecked skeletons in the midst of its urban wastelands or lose a life by being crushed by a garbage compactor during the first boss battle.
CrowCommon RavenCorvus (genus)Corvidae

Question 8: Players control "city sweepers," who fight ________ by beating up thugs.

Question 9: Undercover Cops (アンダーカバーコップス?) is a beat'em up ________ by Irem.
Video gamePersonal computer gameArcade gameVideo game genres

Question 10: Besides the usual human thugs, players fight strange mole creatures and mutants with jet packs and ________ for hands.

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