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Undercarriage: Quiz


Question 1: Experimental tracked gear on a ________
B-58 HustlerConvair YB-60Convair B-36Convair XB-46

Question 2: A free-fall or gravity drop system uses ________ to deploy the landing gear into the down and locked position.
General relativityEquivalence principleIntroduction to general relativityGravitation

Question 3: The ________ was originally fitted with a system that automatically extended the landing gear when certain power and flap settings were selected.
Piper PA-46Piper CherokeePiper PA-20 PacerPiper PA-34 Seneca

Question 4: Examples are the ________, Vought F4U Corsair, Grumman F6F Hellcat, Messerschmitt Me 210 and Junkers Ju 88.
P-36 HawkP-51 MustangCurtiss P-40P-47 Thunderbolt

Question 5: The rearward-retracting nosewheel strut on the Heinkel He 219 and the forward-retracting nosegear strut on the later ________ similarly rotated 90 degrees as they retracted.
O-2 SkymasterT-37 TweetCessna SkymasterT-41 Mescalero

Question 6: This may be an alternate hydraulic system, a hand-crank, compressed air (nitrogen), ________ or free-fall system.
Explosive materialFireworksThe UndertakerPyrotechnics

Question 7: The ________ also had a retractable tail bumper.
Boeing 737Boeing 747Boeing 757Boeing 727

Question 8: Landing gear usually includes wheels equipped with shock absorbers for solid ground, but some aircraft are equipped with skis for snow or floats for water, and/or skids or pontoons (________).

Question 9: In aviation, the undercarriage or landing gear is the structure (usually wheels, but sometimes skids, floats or other elements) that supports an ________ on the ground and allows it to taxi, takeoff and land.
Double-deck aircraftBusiness jetAircraftWide-body aircraft

Question 10: On September 21, 2005, ________ successfully landed with its nose gear turned 90 degrees sideways, resulting in a shower of sparks and flame after touchdown.
Southwest Airlines Flight 1248JetBlue Airways Flight 292Chalk's Ocean Airways Flight 101Copterline Flight 103


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