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Unconventional warfare: Quiz


Question 1: Tactics of destroying non-military infrastructure and ________ civilian staples are used to decrease the morale of civilians and, when applicable, also the soldiers in the field through concern for their families.
BlockadeMilitary historyNaval warfareChemical warfare

Question 2: Where conventional warfare is used to reduce an opponent's ________ capability, unconventional warfare is an attempt to achieve military victory through acquiescence, capitulation, or clandestine support for one side of an existing conflict.
Military historyMilitary scienceMilitaryMilitary strategy

Question 3: ________ dissenters broadly criticize the managed-trade system as a planet-wide version of the blockading tactic of unconventional warfare.
GlobalizationWorld Trade OrganizationInternational Monetary FundASEAN

Question 4: In addition to the coercive use of traditional weapons, armaments that primarily target civilians can be used: ________, urban incendiary devices, white phosphorus or other such weapons.
Nuclear weaponNuclear proliferationNuclear arms raceNuclear weapons testing

Question 5: ________
Vietnam WarViet Cong and PAVN strategy, organization and structureViet CongViet Cong and PAVN battle tactics

Question 6: ________, inserted behind an enemy's front line, can be used unconventionally to spread subversion and propaganda, to aid native resistance fighters, and to ultimately build environments of fear and confusion.
CommandoSpecial Activities DivisionCentral Intelligence AgencySpecial forces

Question 7: It includes, but is not limited to, ________, subversion, sabotage, intelligence activities, and unconventional assisted recovery.
Ancient warfareSiegeGuerrilla warfareMilitary history

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