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Question 1: If one could connect every imaginable experimental outcome with Freud's theory of the unconscious mind, then no ________ could refute the theory.
ExperimentInteraction (statistics)Statistical unitRandomized controlled trial

Question 2: Popper argued that Freud's theory of the unconscious was not ________, and therefore not scientific.
EmpiricismAristotleScientific methodFalsifiability

Question 3: [11] ________ explored the role of the unconscious[12] in many of his plays, without naming it as such.
HamletWilliam ShakespeareShakespeare's lifeShakespeare authorship question

Question 4: Among philosophers, ________ was one of Freud's most notable contemporary opponents.
Daniel DennettRené DescartesKarl PopperPragmatism

Question 5: The differences in the uses of the term can be explained, to a degree, by different ________ about what we know.
NarrativeNarrative modeRhetorical modesNarrator

Question 6: Freud proposed a vertical and hierarchical architecture of human consciousness: the ________, the preconscious, and the unconscious mind - each lying beneath the other.
ConsciousnessGottfried LeibnizIdeaHenri Bergson

Question 7: Under Lacan's linguistic reading, condensation is identified with the linguistic trope of ________, and displacement with metonymy.

Question 8: ________'s concept of a collective unconscious
Jungian archetypesCarl JungSigmund FreudAnalytical psychology

Question 9: Interestingly, that ability does not appear to be mediated, or even accompanied by the ________ of the rules (i.e., individuals' ability to articulate how they distinguish between the correct and incorrect words).
Descriptive knowledgePlatoCausalityEmpiricism

Question 10: Science is in its infancy in exploring the limits of ________.
Henri BergsonGottfried LeibnizIdeaConsciousness


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