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Unclean animals: Quiz


Question 1: In the context of Judaism, the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy from the ________ specify what must not be consumed.
TanakhHebrew BibleDeuterocanonical booksOld Testament

Question 2: ^ (________) Macht, D.
OpenDocumentOffice Open XMLPortable Document FormatHTML

Question 3: All ________ that have both scales and fins are clean.
Forage fishFish anatomyFishPelagic fish

Question 4: However, there are Torah-submissive Christians who hold different interpretations of passages such as those cited and believe that the dietary restrictions continue under the ________.
Biblical canonBibleNew CovenantNew Testament

Question 5: In the ________ the "apostles and elders" promulgated the decision in a letter "to the Gentile believers":
Acts of the ApostlesGospelNew TestamentAuthors of the Bible

Question 6:
Unclean animals, Ten Commandments and Humility are all:
Religion-based diets Christian ethics Human%E2%80%93animal interaction Seventh-day Adventist theology

Question 7: In order to eat an animal or bird it must be slaughtered according to Jewish law (________).
Jewish ethicsHalakhaShechitaKosher foods

Question 8: Bees' ________ is, however, considered kosher[4] because the honey is not made by bees, but is rather collected nectar and concentrated by bees.
Honey beeHoneyEuropean honey beeBeekeeping

Question 9: One modern example of a Torah-submissive group is the Seventh-day Adventist Church whose co-founder ________ was a proponent of vegetarianism.
Seventh-day Adventist theologyAdventist studiesEllen G. WhiteQuestions on Doctrine

Question 10: In the very early days of ________ it was debated if converts ought to follow Jewish customs (including circumcision and dietary laws) or not.
ChristianityBaptistEcumenismChristian denomination

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