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Question 1: Uncle Tom's Bungalow is a ________ animated cartoon directed by Tex Avery, and released to theatres on July 12, 1937 by Warner Bros. The cartoon is a parody of the 1852 novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Looney TunesWarner Bros. CartoonsWile E. Coyote and Road RunnerMerrie Melodies

Question 2: Brief segments did, however appear in Turner Entertainment's 1989 home video release, Cartoons For Big Kids, hosted by ________.
The SimpsonsBarbra StreisandLeonard MaltinMecha-Streisand

Question 3: After a narrator introduces the players, Simon Simon Legree (pronounced Seemoan Seemoan), a greedy used slave trader, sells ________ to Eve (a young white girl) and Topsey (a young black girl) on layaway.
Ku Klux KlanWhite supremacyUncle TomAnti-racism

Question 4: The cartoon was included in the ________, as it was deemed offensive by United Artists, and it is currently withheld from distribution.
Censored ElevenAssociated Artists ProductionsLooney TunesLooney Tunes Golden Collection

Question 5: Uncle Tom's Bungalow at the ________
Internet Movie DatabaseAmazon.comCDNOWBox Office Mojo

Question 6: Much controversy was aimed at the stereotype, which prompted United Artists to witheld this cartoon from syndication, making it one of the infamous ________.
Censored ElevenLooney Tunes Golden CollectionLooney TunesAssociated Artists Productions

Question 7: The narrator suspects that Uncle Tom cashed in his social security, but it is soon revealed that he earned his newfound fortune by playing ________.

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