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Question 1: ________: UnunquadiumUnbiniliumUnbihexium
RadonUraniumIsland of stabilityTable of nuclides (combined)

Question 2: Unbihexium (pronounced /ˌuːnbaɪˈhɛksiəm/) is a hypothetical ________ with atomic number 126 and symbol Ubh.
HeliumHydrogenChemical elementCarbon

Question 3: An ________ story by John Byrne established the fictional Kryptonite as element 126 on the periodic table of the elements.
DC Comics PresentsSuperman/BatmanSuperman (comic book)Action Comics

Question 4: It is of interest because it is in the hypothesized ________: specifically, the peak of it.
UraniumRadonIsland of stabilityTable of nuclides (combined)

Question 5: Recent calculations have indicated a stable monofluoride may exist, UbhF resulting from a bonding interaction between the 5g orbital on Ubh and the 2p orbital on ________.


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