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Umbri: Quiz


Question 1: The Umbrian language is part of a group called Oscan-Umbrian which is related to ________ (Buck, 1904).
Roman EmpireLatinOld LatinVulgar Latin

Question 2: The towns of Chianciano and Chiusi (Umbrian: Camars) near modern ________ have remnants of Umbrian habitation dating to the 7th or 8th centuries BC.
ItalySan GimignanoPienzaSiena

Question 3: Cities in Umbria also contributed troops to Rome for its many wars including offering troops to ________ in 205 BC during the Second Punic War.
Cato the ElderScipio AfricanusHannibalRoman Republic

Question 4: The old city of ________, called Asisium by the Romans, was an ancient Umbrian site on a spur of Mount Subasio.

Question 5: The ________ linked areas of Umbria by 220 BC.
Via EgnatiaAppian WayVia FlaminiaVia Aemilia

Question 6: The Italic region of ________ was an ancient Umbrian center until it was overrun by the Etruscans c.

Question 7: During the reign of ________ four Umbrian aristocrats became senators and Emperor Nerva’s family had origins in Umbria (Bradley, 2000).
Roman EmperorDomitianTiberiusAugustus

Question 8: Throughout the 9th-4th centuries BC, imported goods from ________ and Etruria became more common, as well as the production of local pottery.

Question 9: The inhabitants of Camars left their city after a defeat against Pelasgians, after that they crossed the ________ to found their new city Cameria or Camerta (modern Camerino).
Ligurian AlpsGeographyApennine MountainsAlps

Question 10: The ________ recruited members in Etruria and Umbria.
Roman EmpirePraetorian prefectAugustusPraetorian Guard

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