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Umbrella term: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (describes nine distinct diagnoses)
Major depressive disorderPsychiatryEating disordersPsychosis

Question 2: Punctuated equilibrium: Created 1972 in the category of ________, or Speciation, etc., but could obviously be applied to other "topics".
Population geneticsEvolutionIntroduction to evolutionNatural selection

Question 3: Definition: (See Wiki page: ________ contrasted against, Gradualism.)
EvolutionPunctuated equilibriumSpeciationNatural selection

Question 4: ________: (They extend over diverse time periods.)
RussiaUpper PaleolithicPrehistoric artVenus figurines

Question 5: ________ (umbrella for various color-blindness problems)
AchromatopsiaColor blindnessRetinitis pigmentosaMonochromacy

Question 6: An umbrella term is a word that provides a superset or grouping of related ________, also called a hypernym.
Gilbert RyleConceptGottfried LeibnizHenri Bergson

Question 7:
For example, cryptology is an umbrella term that encompasses cryptography and ________, among other fields.
Enigma machineData Encryption StandardCryptanalysisSubstitution cipher

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