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Umbilical vein: Quiz


Question 1: It may be used as a site for regular transfusion in cases of ________ or hemolytic disease.
Rh diseaseHemolytic disease of the newbornNeonatal jaundiceBlood type

Question 2: Such recanalization is common in patients with ________ and portal hypertension.
Acute liver failureHepatorenal syndromeCirrhosisHepatitis

Question 3: The umbilical vein is a vein present during fetal development that carries oxygenated blood from the placenta to the growing ________.
FetusUmbilical cordEmbryologyPrenatal development

Question 4: umbilical cord: Umbilical veinDuctus venosusInferior vena cava________Pulmonary arteryDuctus arteriosusUmbilical artery
TorsoLymphatic systemHeartCirculatory system

Question 5: This prolongs the communication between the placenta and fetal heart, allowing for a sort of ________ of remaining blood from the placenta to the fetus.
AutotransfusionPlateletCoagulationBlood donation

Question 6: [1] The left umbilical vein persists and delivers blood from the ________ to the developing fetus.
ThyroidTesticleEndocrine systemPlacenta


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