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Umbilical cord: Quiz


Question 1: [1] The cord is not directly connected to the mother's circulatory system, but instead joins the ________, which transfers materials to and from the mother's blood without allowing direct mixing.
Endocrine systemPlacentaTesticleThyroid

Question 2: In ________, the mother focuses no attention on umbilical severance, instead nursing her baby with cord, placenta, and all, until the cord dries and separates within a day of birth, at which time the cord is discarded.
BonoboCommon ChimpanzeeChimpanzeeHuman

Question 3: Rather, the recommendation is instead to immediately clamp and cut the cord and perform ________.
SurgeryCardiopulmonary resuscitationICD-9-CM Volume 3Electrocardiography

Question 4: Recently, it has been discovered that the blood within the umbilical cord, known as cord blood, is a rich and readily available source of primitive, undifferentiated stem cells (of type ________-positive and CD38-negative).

Question 5: The use of CBEs could potentially eliminate the ethical difficulties associated with ________ (ESCs).
Embryonic stem cellAdult stem cellStem cell controversyStem cell treatments

Question 6: The umbilical vein supplies the fetus with oxygenated, nutrient-rich ________ from the placenta.
PlateletRed blood cellBloodBlood plasma

Question 7: In placental mammals, the umbilical cord (also called the birth cord or funiculus umbilicalis) is the connecting cord from the developing ________ or fetus to the placenta.
EmbryogenesisPrenatal developmentEmbryoFertilisation

Question 8: These cord blood cells can be used for ________.
Graft-versus-host diseaseHematopoietic stem cell transplantationImmunosuppressive drugOrgan transplant

Question 9: During prenatal development, the umbilical cord comes from the same zygote as the fetus and (in humans) normally contains two ________ (the umbilical arteries) and one vein (the umbilical vein), buried within Wharton's jelly.
Blood vesselArteryArterial treeSystemic circulation

Question 10: The two umbilical arteries branch from the internal iliac arteries, and pass on either side of the ________ before joining the umbilical cord.
KidneyUreterUrinary systemUrinary bladder

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