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Umbilical artery: Quiz


Question 1: The umbilical arteries surround the ________ and then carry all the deoxygenated blood out of the fetus through the umbilical cord.
UreterUrinary systemKidneyUrinary bladder

Question 2: The umbilical arteries are actually the latter of the internal iliac arteries that supply the hind limbs with ________ and nutrients in the fetus.
BloodRed blood cellPlateletBlood plasma

Question 3: In the fetus, it extends into the ________.
Umbilical arteryStem cellUmbilical cordUmbilical vein

Question 4: Umbilical arteries supply deoxygenated blood from the ________ to the placenta in the umbilical cord.
Prenatal developmentEmbryologyFetusUmbilical vein


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