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Umar at Fatimah's house: Quiz


Question 1: [10] It describes 'Umar's attack, and describes how Fatimah, the daughter of Prophet ________, was injured, and allegedly beaten, in the attack, resulting in her miscarriage.

Question 2: A number of reports to this effect are on record in the six authentic compilations of the ________ and other books.
ShariaHadithIslamic schools and branchesSunni Islam

Question 3: Umar at Fatimah's house refers to the controversial event where Umar came to the house of Fatimah, the daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, inorder to get the alligence of ________ and his followers or burn her house down.
Islamic schools and branchesSahabaShia IslamAli

Question 4: The historian ________ (923 CE) in his Tarikh[8] writes:
ImamMuhammad ibn Jarir al-TabariQur'anBaghdad

Question 5: According to the story, following the death of Muhammad, ________ and Umar attempted to gain the shura (consensus) of the community that Abu Bakr should become the caliph (leader) over the Islamic ummah (community).
Abu BakrSalman the PersianAbu Ubaidah ibn al JarrahUthman ibn Affan

Question 6: According to Grand Ayatollah ________ and Ayatollah Hussain Al-mo'aiad, the story of Umar at Fatimah's house is not true, and it had been made up by extremist Shi'a scholars.
Mohammad Hussein FadlallahTwelverAli al-SistaniShia Islam

Question 7: Ibn Abi Shayba (235 AH/ 849 CE), a prominent scholar of ________ and one of the teachers of al-Bukhari, narrates in his book al-Musanaf that:
Islamic schools and branchesHadithSunni IslamSharia


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