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Uma Thurman: Quiz


Question 1:
What was Uma Thurman's birth name?
Kermit Moyer
Robert Keen
Rene Ruth Bond
Uma Karuna Thurman

Question 2:
What role did Uma Thurman play in the movie Gattaca?
Marie Freeman
Irene Cassini
Preschool Teacher
Delivery Nurse

Question 3: On May 1, 1998, Thurman married actor ________, whom she met on the set of Gattaca.
ManhattanBefore SunsetEthan HawkeBefore the Devil Knows You're Dead

Question 4:
Which of the following titles did Uma Thurman have?
Member for Martin
The Prelude
Uma Thurman

Question 5:
What did Uma Thurman do for a living?
broadcast journalist
Television producer, screenwriter, actor

Question 6: [4] He gave his children a Buddhist upbringing: Uma is named after an Dbuma Chenpo (in Tibetan, the "db" is silent; from Mahamadhyamaka in ________, meaning "Great Middle Way").

Question 7:
What role did Uma Thurman play in the movie The Golden Bowl?
Fanny Assingham
Maggie Verver
Charlotte Stant
Lady Castledean

Question 8: [22] A similar comparison was made by the ________: “Thurman, to arrive at a ’40s femme fatale, sometimes seems to be doing Mae West by way of Jessica Rabbit”.
The Advocate (Stamford)San Antonio Express-NewsHouston ChronicleSeattle Post-Intelligencer

Question 9: [citation needed] Thurman’s performance in the campy film received mixed reviews, and critics compared her with actress ________.
James Stewart (actor)Al JolsonCary GrantMae West

Question 10:
When was Uma Thurman born?

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