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Ultralight trike: Quiz


Question 1: The history of the trike is traced back to the invention by Francis Rogallo's flexible wing and subsequent development by the ________ engineering team's innovations and then others.
NASA ParesevBoeingRyan XV-8Aviation

Question 2: Because trikes do not require an empennage, the space directly behind the pilot is used to mount the engine and ________.
PropellerPropeller (aircraft)SteamboatJet engine

Question 3: The principles of this page can generally be applied to the single place ultralight trike and the two place weight-shift control ________.
Denney KitfoxAutogyroLight-sport aircraftUltralight aviation

Question 4: This is similar to controlling a hang glider, in which the aviator or pilot is suspended from the wing made from high-strength ________ and fabric.

Question 5: The "trike", as it soon became known, quickly became popular in the UK and ________ where it had been reborn.
ItalyUnited KingdomFranceCanada

Question 6: [13] Dickenson's Ski Wing turned out to be stable and controllable under tow,[14] unlike the flat manned ________ used at water ski shows.
SkySailsKitePower kiteKite applications

Question 7: In 1972, Popular Mechanics and ________ magazines published articles on hang gliding which further increased its popularity,[19] as the Sky Raiders hang gliding movie released in 1975.
Science IllustratedOutdoor LifeTransworld SkateboardingPopular Science

Question 8: The majority of these companies are found in ________ with a number appearing in the United States.
BalkansEastern EuropeWestern EuropeEurope

Question 9: The challenge then, was to modify and fit a Rogallo flexible wing with an appropriate frame to allow it to be used as a ________.
Powered hang gliderParaglidingWingsuit flyingHang gliding

Question 10: Trikes are referred to as "________" in Europe and have been extremely popular since the 1980s.
Ultralight aviationPowered hang gliderUltraflight LazairPterodactyl Ascender


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