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Ultralight backpacking: Quiz


Question 1: However exertion in the form of hiking consumes additional calories; for example the standard ________ field ration is 4500 calories per day for strenuous work[9].
United States Army AfricaUnited States ArmyUnited States armed forcesUnited States Marine Corps

Question 2: The rain shelter, sleeping system, and ________ are considered to be the three major items carried by backpackers.
Ultralight backpackingBackpacking (wilderness)BackpackCamping

Question 3: Chemical disinfectant water treatment (________ tablets, aquamira) instead of heavier water filters.

Question 4: ________ (5.89 kcal/gram[9])
AntioxidantPeanut butterTrans fatLard

Question 5: A parallel exists between traditional army or hunting style backpacking versus ultralight backpacking compared to Expedition style mountaineering pioneered by the British using ________ and pack animals versus Alpine style pioneered by the Swiss.
BhutiaMech tribeSherpaBhumij

Question 6: Nuts (________ are 6.87 kcal/gram[9], toasted coconut is 5.92 kcal/gram[12])
PecanUnited StatesHawaiiFlorida

Question 7: The most common rain shelter in use is the ________, but these are relatively heavy due to a number of reasons.
TipiTentBackpacking (wilderness)Camping

Question 8: The common ultralight alternative to an internal frame pack is a frameless pack made of ripstop nylon, silnylon, or ________, with a carrying limit of 25 pounds (11 kg).
AramidKevlarUltra high molecular weight polyethylenePolyethylene

Question 9: Traditionally pemican or hardtack was used, whereas today many military units use ________'s for field work.
C-rationLRP rationMountain rationMeal, Ready-to-Eat

Question 10: ________ (or GBR, germinated brown rice) can be made with brown rice, body heat and water and eaten uncooked.


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