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Ultralight aviation: Quiz


Question 1: The first generation of modern ultralights were actually ________ with small engines added to them, to create powered hang gliders.
ParaglidingParachutingHang glidingWingsuit flying

Question 2: For light-sport aircraft a ________ is required, which is similar in requirements to other countries' ultralight license.
AirlineLight-sport aircraftPilot certification in the United StatesClass rating

Question 3: Canadian ________ ultralight covered in clear Mylar
Pterodactyl AscenderBeaujon EnduroZenair ZipperUltraflight Lazair

Question 4: Hot air balloon - there are numerous ultralight ________ in the US, and several more have been built and flown in France and Australia in recent years.
Balloon (aircraft)Hot air balloonAirshipHot air ballooning

Question 5: Ultralight aircraft are generally called microlight aircraft in the UK and ________, and ULMs in France and Italy.
United KingdomNew ZealandAustraliaNauru

Question 6: An instructor must be certified by the FAA to give dual instruction in a ________.
AutogyroDenney KitfoxLight-sport aircraftUltralight aviation

Question 7: A foot-launched ________
AutogyroHang glidingPowered hang gliderAirship

Question 8: In ________, microlight aircraft are defined as one or two seat weight-shift aircraft, with a maximum takeoff weight of 450 kg, as set out by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.
BarbadosCanadaAustraliaUnited Kingdom

Question 9: ________ - motorized foot-launched hang glider harness.
Powered hang gliderAirshipHang glidingAutogyro

Question 10: In other countries that do not register ultralights, like the ________, it is unknown what proportion of the total fleet they make up.
CanadaAlaskaUnited StatesPhilippines


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