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Ultra high frequency: Quiz


Question 1: ________ occur because of the sharp geometries created in high voltage insulated equipment.
Partial dischargeDielectricInsulator (electrical)High voltage

Question 2: for supervision and control of power distribution networks and other ________ and automation applications.
SCADARemote Terminal UnitModbusProgrammable logic controller

Question 3: In 1986 Turner purchased the entire MGM film library, and ________'s access to movie rights was to prove commercially valuable as home videocassette rental became ubiquitous in the 1980s.
TBS (TV channel)CNNTurner Broadcasting SystemTNT (TV channel)

Question 4: The ________ and General Mobile Radio Service use the 462 and 467 MHz areas of the UHF spectrum.
Family Radio ServiceAmateur radioWalkie-talkieCitizens' band radio

Question 5: UHF transmission and reception will be enhanced or degraded by ________ as the atmosphere warms and cools throughout the day.
Tropospheric propagationLongwaveShortwaveAM stereo

Question 6: UHF is widely used in two-way radio systems and ________ whose transmission and reception antennas are closely spaced.
BluetoothDigital Enhanced Cordless TelecommunicationsIEEE 802.11Cordless telephone

Question 7: See ________ and Radio spectrum for a full listing of frequency bands.
Electromagnetic spectrumMicrowaveGamma rayX-ray

Question 8:
What is the frequency of Ultra high frequency?
0.3 to 3 GHz

Question 9: The layer of the Earth's atmosphere called the ________ is filled with charged particles that can reflect some radio waves.
IonosphereGeomagnetic stormAtmospheric electricityRadio propagation

Question 10: 1880–1900 MHz: DECT ________
BluetoothMobile phoneCordless telephoneIEEE 802.11

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