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Question 1:

Question 2:
When did Ultimates make his debut?
Daredevil #157
Showcase #8
Fantastic Four #240
The Ultimates #1

Question 3:

Question 4: Marvel announced at the 2008 ________ that Mark Millar will write a new ongoing series, Ultimate Comics: Avengers, beginning in 2009.
Eisner AwardSan Diego Comic-Con InternationalInkpot AwardAlan Moore

Question 5: One of Pym's Ultron robots drugs him and leaks a sex tape of Stark and the Black Widow to the ________.
Internet Relay ChatWorld Wide WebInternetE-mail

Question 6: The Ultimates is a fictional group of superheroes that appear in comic books published by ________.
Marvel ComicsMarvel EntertainmentMarvel StudiosMarvel Animation

Question 7: Pym and Wasp discover the truth about the Ultron robot, which has adopted the identity of Yellowjacket and uses the Ultimates' ________ to create a series of android duplicates.

Question 8: ________ #1-4, 2005
Ultimate Comics: Armor WarsWarren Ellis bibliographyUltimate Galactus TrilogyThe Authority

Question 9: praised ________'s writing in the opening eight issues, stating the writer "is able to walk a very fine line of keeping the story measured yet entertaining".
Luke CageMan-ThingMark MillarBlack Panther (comics)

Question 10: ________ #1-5, 2004-2005
Ultimate Galactus TrilogyUltimate Comics: Armor WarsWarren Ellis bibliographyThe Authority

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