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Ultimate Marvel: Quiz


Question 1: Since then, Marvel's Editor-in-Chief ________ has reiterated his earlier claim that the two universes will not cross over as that would signify that Marvel had "officially run out of ideas".
Marvel ComicsJoe QuesadaRoy ThomasMarvel CyberComics

Question 2: Writers noted for their work in the line include ________, Warren Ellis, Orson Scott Card, and Mark Millar.
Brian Michael BendisIron Fist (comics)The New Avengers (comics)Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Question 3: In particular, the backstory of the ________ has been compressed so that they gain their powers when Reed Richards is only twenty-one years old.
Stan LeeCivil War (comics)Ultimate Fantastic FourJack Kirby

Question 4: The imprint was launched in 2000 with the publication of the series Ultimate Spider-Man and ________.
Alpha FlightSentinel (comics)Ultimate X-MenIceman (comics)

Question 5: ________ and former president Bill Jemas were also deeply involved in the creation of the line.
Marvel ComicsJoe QuesadaMarvel CyberComicsRoy Thomas

Question 6: The characters in this line exist outside of the regular Earth-616 ________ and therefore do not interact with their original version counterparts.
Marvel UniverseMultiverse (Marvel Comics)Marvel animated universeStan Lee

Question 7: The imprint was launched in 2000 with the publication of Ultimate Spider-Man, followed by Ultimate X-Men and The Ultimates in 2001 and finally ________.
Ultimate Fantastic FourCivil War (comics)Stan LeeJack Kirby


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