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Ulster Volunteers: Quiz


Question 1: The original Ulster Volunteers were formed by ________ and James Craig as Unionist militias in the tensions surrounding the potential success of the third Irish Home Rule Bill.
Edward Carson, Baron CarsonHome Rule Act 1914Northern IrelandWalter Long, 1st Viscount Long

Question 2: Carson and Craig, supported by some British Conservative politicians, threatened to establish a Provisional government in ________ should the province be included in any Home Rule settlement.
UlsterCounty DonegalNorthern IrelandIreland

Question 3: Both of the remaining divisions suffered heavy casualties in July 1916 during the ________, to be largely decimated in 1918 during the German Spring Offensive.
Battle of PasschendaeleWestern Front (World War I)Hundred Days OffensiveBattle of the Somme

Question 4: These developments led to the formation of the ________ by southern nationalists to ensure enactment of the proposed home rule act.
Ireland and World War IEaster RisingHome Rule Act 1914Irish Volunteers

Question 5: In April 1914 20,000 German rifles with 3,000,000 rounds were landed at ________, with the authorities blockaded by the UVF (see Larne gunrunning).

Question 6: On 13 January 1913, the Ulster Volunteer Force was formally established by the ________.
Margaret ThatcherConservative Party (UK)David CameronUlster Unionist Party

Question 7: Others joined Irish regiments of the United Kingdom's 10th and ________.
Royal Munster FusiliersConnaught Rangers16th (Irish) DivisionIreland and World War I

Question 8: Many UVF men enlisted, mostly with the ________ [5] of the New British Army.
Ireland and World War I10th (Irish) Division36th (Ulster) Division16th (Irish) Division

Question 9: Certain remnants of the group reformed in 1920 and were recruited by the ________.
Northern IrelandUlster Special ConstabularyRoyal Irish ConstabularyRoyal Ulster Constabulary


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