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Ulster Scots people: Quiz


Question 1:
When did Dave Finlay make his debut?
X-Treme X-Men #21.
Green Lantern, #50

Question 2:
How is Van Morrison described?
Musician, singer and songwriter
Australian actor and comedian
King of Northumbria
career officer with the U.S. Army through three wars

Question 3: Starting in 1609, Scots began arriving into state-sponsored settlements as part of the ________.
Plantations of IrelandIrish Rebellion of 1641Plantation of UlsterIreland

Question 4: Along with ________ Irish, they were legally disadvantaged by the Penal Laws, which gave full rights only to members of the state church (the Church of Ireland), who were mainly the descendants of English settlers and native converts.
CatholicismCatholicEcumenical councilBishop

Question 5: It was only after the 1690s that Scottish settlers and their descendants, the majority of whom were ________, gained numeric superiority in Ulster.
Covenant theologyProtestantismChristianityPresbyterianism

Question 6:
Gary Lightbody name is associated with which of these acts?

Question 7:
In what city was George Best born?

Question 8: Ulster-Scots are an ethnic group in ________, descended from mainly Lowland Scots who settled in the Province of Ulster in the north of Ireland.
WalesNorthern IrelandIrish peopleIreland

Question 9:
What was Vivian Campbell's birth name?
Niomi Arleen MacLean-Daley
Vivian Patrick Campbell
Natasha Shanta Reid
David Randall Blythe

Question 10: For this reason, up until the end of the 19th century, there was considerable disharmony between Dissenters and the ruling ________ in Ireland.
Northern IrelandIrish peopleProtestant AscendancyPenal Laws (Ireland)


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