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Ulmaceae: Quiz


Question 1: [5] The ________ is an indehiscent samara, nut, or drupe.
Flowering plantVegetableSeedFruit

Question 2:
Ulmus L. - ________
Zelkova Spach
Ulmus americanaElmDutch elm diseaseUlmus laevis

Question 3: Ulmaceae is a family of flowering plant that includes the ________ (genus Ulmus), and the zelkovas (genus Zelkova).
Dutch elm diseaseUlmus americanaElmUlmus laevis

Question 4: Stevens on his Missouri Botanical Garden Angiosperm Phylogeny Website and includes information from the ________ Vascular Plant Families and Genera list.
Royal Botanic Gardens, KewRichmond GreenWWT London Wetland CentreBushy Park


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