Ulm: Quiz

Question 1:
What district is Ulm in?

Question 2: What does the following picture show?

  View from the Münster towards Hirschstraße.
  View from the Münster towards Hirschstraße.
  Saint George's Catholic church, Ulm
  Town hall

Question 3:
What is the native name for Ulm
Herzogtum Livland
Ksiu0119stwo Inflanckie
Reichsstadt Ulm

Question 4:
What era did Ulm belong to?
Middle Ages
Modern Age
Iron Age
Middle ages

Question 5:
Ulm, Hamburg and Cologne are all:
States and territories established in 1181 Imperial free cities Former republics T%C3%BCbingen region

Question 6:
What is the capital of Ulm?
not applicable

Question 7:
What region does Ulm belong to?
East central Oklahoma
Central Europe
Europe and North America

Question 8: Internationally, Ulm is primarily known for the tallest church in the world, the Gothic minster (Ulm Minster, German: Ulmer Münster) and as the birthplace of ________.
Relationship between religion and scienceAlbert EinsteinScientific methodIsaac Newton

Question 9:
Where does Ulm come from?
, Denmark, Germany, Sweden
USA/West Germany
France / Germany

Question 10: The city became an important centre of ________ in southern Germany in the second half of the 19th century, its built-up area now being extended beyond the medieval walls.
PovertyIndustrial RevolutionIslamic Golden AgeIndustrialisation

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Ulm)