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Ulaid: Quiz


Question 1: [9] At their height, Ulaid territory extended south as far as the River Boyne and as far west as ________.
County WicklowCounty DonegalCounty LeitrimCounty Kilkenny

Question 2: [12] The Ulaid feature in Irish legends and historical traditions of prehistoric times, most notably in the group of sagas known as the ________.
Ulster CycleCú ChulainnConall CernachConchobar mac Nessa

Question 3: In some stories Conchobar's birth and death are synchronised with those of ________, which creates an apparent anachronism in the presence of the Connachta.
New TestamentGospelJesusChrist

Question 4: [1] The Ulaid are probably mentioned in ________'s 2nd century Geographia, as the Ούολουντοι (Uolunti),[2] probably a corruption of Ούλουτοι (Uluti).

Question 5: The Ulaid (________, pronounced [ˈʊləðʲ]; modern Irish Ulaidh, [ˈʊləɣʲ]) were a people of early Ireland who gave their name to the modern province of Ulster (modern Irish Cuige Uladh, pron.
Old IrishIrish phonologyPrimitive IrishMiddle Irish

Question 6: The Érainn, led by Cú Roí, also rule in distant ________ and, while presented as deadly rivals of the Ulaid, are again portrayed with unusual interest and sympathy.
LimerickIrelandMunsterCork (city)

Question 7: /ˈkuːiɡʲə ˈʊləɣ/, "province" [literally "fifth"] "of the Ulaid"; the English word "Ulster" derives from Irish Ulaid and ________ staðr, "place, territory").
North Germanic languagesGermanic languagesOld Norse morphologyOld Norse

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