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Ukrainian Navy: Quiz


Question 1: The navy operates in the ________ basin (including Sea of Azov and Danube Delta),[1] as a permanent ocean presence is neither logistically practical nor geographically possible.
Black SeaAegean SeaBaltic SeaMediterranean Sea

Question 2: Different political influences clashed: Ukrainian, Bolshevik, Menshevik, Social Revolutionaries and ________.
AnarchismHenry David ThoreauNoam ChomskyIndividualist anarchism

Question 3: It was also granted rights to use the majority of its bases on the Crimea Peninsula, Ukraine on a renewable ten-year ________ at least until 2017.
Property lawLeasehold estateLeaseLeasing

Question 4: The Navy headquarters in Moscow considered this a ________ and attempted to act accordingly.
United KingdomAmsterdamWorld War IMutiny

Question 5: Joint exercises of the Ukrainian Navy and the Russian ________ where resumed after a seven-year interval in 2010.
CrimeaBaltic FleetBlack Sea FleetRussian Navy

Question 6: In April 1918 German and Ukrainian troops invaded ________.
CrimeaGagauziaSouth OssetiaNakhchivan

Question 7: The Fleet, stationed in ________, was commanded by a collective, "Centroflot".

Question 8: The General Secretariat for Naval Affairs was established within the government of the ________ in Kiev (in January 1918 it was reformed in a Ministry).
Russian Social Democratic Labour PartyTsentralna RadaKyiv Bilshovyk UprisingSocialist-Revolutionary Party

Question 9: The greater part of the ships remaining in Novorossiysk were destroyed by their own crews on ________'s command.
Nikita KhrushchevAlexander KerenskyVladimir LeninJoseph Stalin

Question 10: Centroflot (the combined fleet revolutionary committee), in order to save the Fleet, took a decision to move it to ________.


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