Ukrainian Marine Corps: Quiz

Question 1: First regiments HQ was located in ________, seconds in Mykolaiv, thirds in Kherson.
UkraineKievOdessa OblastOdessa

Question 2: The Ukrainian Marine Corps (Ukrainian: Морська піхота literally means "Naval Infantry") is a branch of the ________.
Ukrainian Marine CorpsUkrainian Air ForceUkrainian NavyUkrainian Ground Forces

Question 3: After the Naval Forces were created on July 1, 1993 first battalion of Marine Corps was formed in the city of ________.

Question 4: By September 20, 1994, 4th Marine Corps Brigade was stationed in the Tilovoe village of ________.
CrimeaNakhchivanGagauziaSouth Ossetia

Question 5: First regiment was responsible for the areas between the western border until the village of Suchavka, near ________.
UkraineKievOdessa OblastOdessa

Question 6: Former ________ army general Pavlo Skoropadskyi understood the importance of marines in providing security to the country.
British EmpireGolden HordeOttoman EmpireRussian Empire

Question 7: Not long after, Pavlo Skoropadskyi was removed from power in an uprising led by ________.
Georgy PyatakovMykhailo HrushevskyiVolodymyr VynnychenkoSymon Petliura

Question 8: Being the ________ of land and naval forces, Skoropadskyi brought attention to creating the marine corps during his first month in power.
GermanyCommander-in-chiefNicolas SarkozyFrance

Question 9: On February 22, 1993 880th Separate Naval Infantry Battalion of the ________ commanded by major Vitaliy G.
CrimeaBaltic FleetBlack Sea FleetRussian Navy

Question 10: First was stationed in ________, second in Ochakiv and third in Perekop.
Odessa OblastKievUkraineOdessa

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