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Ufology: Quiz


Question 1: Such cases can and have been analyzed using ________ techniques.
CSI effectForensic entomologyForensic anthropologyForensic science

Question 2: Ruppelt of the ________ created the word UFO in 1951.
Air National GuardUnited States Air ForceCivil Air PatrolAir Force Reserve Command

Question 3: Astronomer and ufologist ________'s famous comment regarding this subject is, "Ridicule is not part of the scientific method and people should not be taught that it is.
Unidentified flying objectProject Blue BookUfologyJ. Allen Hynek

Question 4: The ________ (ETH) theorizes that some UFO sightings are alien spacecraft.
Unidentified flying objectUfologyExtraterrestrial hypothesisUFO conspiracy theory

Question 5: (Hence the title of Steven Spielberg’s movie ________.)
Jurassic Park (film)Close Encounters of the Third KindWho Framed Roger RabbitIndiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Question 6: ________ and Jerome Eden have the hypothesis that UFOs - or at least some of them - or the beings traveling in the UFOs - are hostile.
Sigmund FreudOtto RankAlfred AdlerWilhelm Reich

Question 7: Others charge that Ufology evidence is a classic case of ________.
Pathological sciencePseudoscienceFringe scienceJunk science

Question 8: (For a detailed discussion, see: ________.)
WormholeWarp driveGeneral relativityAlcubierre drive

Question 9: ________ filed a UFO report in 1949 [15].
Project Blue BookJames E. McDonaldUnidentified flying objectDonald Howard Menzel

Question 10: Although the 1968 ________ came to a negative conclusion (written by Condon), it is known that many members of the study strongly disagreed with Condon's methods and biases.
UfologyCondon CommitteeExtraterrestrial hypothesisUnidentified flying object

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