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Ubaid period: Quiz


Question 1: This phase, showing clear connection to the Samarra culture to the north, saw the establishment of the first permanent settlement south of the 5 inch rainfall ________.
Fantasy mapContour lineMapCartography

Question 2: farming, animal husbandry
pottery, metallurgy, wheel
circular ditches, ________, megaliths
Neolithic religion
HengeConcentric stone circleStonehengeAvebury

Question 3: 5300 to 4000 BC) is a prehistoric period of ________.
Akkadian EmpireMesopotamiaSumerBabylonia

Question 4: The wall surrounding the temple was built by Shulgi of the ________.
History of SumerSumerThird Dynasty of UrSumerian King List

Question 5: Ubaid artifacts spread also all along the Arabian littoral, showing the growth of a trading system that stretched from the Mediterranean coast through the ________ civilization based in Bahrain to Oman.
MesopotamiaDilmunAkkadian EmpireMeluhha

Question 6: Bogucki describes this as a phase of "Trans-egalitarian" competitive households, in which some fall behind as a result of downward ________.
Achieved statusSocial mobilitySocial statusSocial class

Question 7: The invention of the ________ and the beginning of the Chalcolithic period fall into the Ubaid period.

Question 8: Stein and Özbal describe the Near East ________ that resulted from Ubaid expansion, contrasting it to the colonial expansionism of the later Uruk period.
EcumeneEcumenismPtolemyByzantine Empire

Question 9: [8] Later, C. L. Woolley excavated there in 1923 and 1924, [9] followed by Seton Lloyd and Pinhas Delougaz in 1937, the later working for the Oriental Institute of the ________.
Illinois Institute of TechnologyNorthwestern UniversityUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoUniversity of Chicago

Question 10: The earliest evidence for sailing has been found in ________ indicating that sailing was known by the Ubaid 3 period.
QatarSaudi ArabiaUnited Arab EmiratesKuwait

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