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Question 1: [5] He then witnessed the Avengers' battle against the Scarlet Centurion,[6] and witnessed the Avengers and Defenders battle against ________ and Loki.
Doctor StrangeSanctum SanctorumYandrothDormammu

Question 2: Also, Uatu (who watches the events on Earth from a base on the moon) is the original inspiration for the Egyptian moon god Khonshu who is associated with the origins of the Marvel superhero ________.
Black Panther (comics)Moon KnightLuke CageSpider-Man

Question 3: In JLA/Avengers, Uatu makes a wordless cameo, as he watched the ________ in the DC Universe, the only time a Watcher ever appeared there.
Doctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi)Solomon Grundy (comics)Justice LeagueSuper Friends

Question 4: In the alternate universe of ________, Uatu is portrayed as a cold, nihilistic manipulator who feels far superior to the people of earth whom he watches.
Negative ZoneMarvel UniverseEarth XMultiverse (Marvel Comics)

Question 5: In the Powerless ________, reality is turned upside down and Uatu plays the role of psychiatrist William Watts.
DC ComicsCrisis on Infinite EarthsEisner AwardLimited series

Question 6: Uatu made two appearances in the Fantastic Four TV series voiced by ________.
Paul FreesRankin/BassMel BlancFrosty the Snowman

Question 7: He is a member of the Watchers, an extraterrestrial ________ who in the distant past stationed themselves across space to monitor the activities of other species.
Biological classificationSpeciesDomain (biology)Evolution

Question 8: In the alternate MC-2 Universe, Uatu made several appearances regarding its last two mini-series, Last Hero Standing, and ________.
Fantastic FiveLast Planet StandingWhat If (comics)MC2

Question 9: He warned the Fantastic Four about the original ________, and took him into custody.
Civil War (comics)BeyonderMolecule ManStan Lee

Question 10: Uatu is the Watcher assigned to observe ________ and its solar system.

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