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UV degradation: Quiz


Question 1: Aramid fibres like ________ for example are highly UV sensitive and must be protected from the deleterious effects of sunlight.
NomexWallace CarothersKevlarDuPont

Question 2: Common synthetic polymers which may be attacked include ________ and LDPE where tertiary carbon bonds in their chain structures are the centres of attack.
PolypropylenePlasticPolyethylene terephthalatePolystyrene

Question 3: UV attack by sunlight can be ameliorated or prevented by adding anti-UV chemicals to the polymer when mixing the ingredients, prior to shaping the product by ________ for example.
PolystyrenePlasticPolypropyleneInjection molding

Question 4: Many pigments and ________ can also be affected, when the problem is known as phototendering in textiles such as curtains or drapes.
Acid dyeCochinealMordantDye

Question 5: The product was a road cone made by ________ in LDPE, which had cracked prematurely in service.
PolycarbonateRotational moldingPolystyrenePlastic

Question 6: Many natural and synthetic ________ are attacked by ultra-violet radiation and products made using these materials may crack or disintegrate (that is,if they are not UV-stable).
Polymer chemistryNylonPlasticPolymer

Question 7: The problem is known as UV degradation, and is a common problem in products exposed to ________.
EarthSunlightSolar variationSolar eclipse

Question 8: The ultra-violet rays activate such bonds to form ________, which then react further with oxygen in the atmosphere, producing carbonyl groups in the main chain.
Oxidative stressRadical (chemistry)Vitamin CAntioxidant


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