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Question 1: After stints at Graviton and ________, Trujillo in 2005 went to his most recent position, as CEO of the Australian telecommunications provider Telstra, which he resigned from in February 2009.
Orange SlovenskoOptimus TelecomunicaçõesOrange (telecommunications)Orange United Kingdom

Question 2: Reports by The Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News in 1996 revealed that CLECs lodged complaints with the ________ against US WEST, including multiple complaints from Qwest Communications, Inc.
Ultra high frequencyFederal Communications CommissionCBSMobile television

Question 3: The company was fined multiple times by the State of ________ for these practices during the 1990s.

Question 4: 1956: ________Northern Electric
Shaw CommunicationsTelusBell CanadaRogers Communications

Question 5: (They were the first communications provider to use this strategy called ________, a term used for many years in the software development industry).
Software maintenanceRequirements analysisSoftware testingComputer programming

Question 6: 1997: AT&T Submarine System, sold to ________
Adelphia Communications CorporationEnron scandalTyco InternationalBear Stearns

Question 7: 1984 divestiture: Ameritech • Bell Atlantic • Bell Communications Research • ________ • NYNEX • Pacific Telesis • Southwestern Bell • U S WEST
BellSouthAT&TAT&T Wireless ServicesAmerican Telephone & Telegraph

Question 8: They were the first US telco to upgrade their PSTN to electronic switching before 1990 and they were the first to offer residential and business ________ and later, DSL services to their customers by 1997.
Physical LayerUniversal Serial BusIntegrated Services Digital NetworkOSI model

Question 9: US WEST Communications was the first local telephone company to offer ________ service in 1991, nearly four years before any other local telco could do so.
Caller IDToll-free telephone numberNorth American Numbering PlanAT&T

Question 10: It was acquired by Qwest Communications International on June 30, 2000, in what some economists have charged as a ________.
Corporate financeLeveraged buyoutStockTakeover


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