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USS Wasp (CV-7): Quiz


Question 1: Wasp arrived at ________ in time to "dress ship" in honor of Independence Day.
Naval Air Station Key WestArmy Air Forces Antisubmarine CommandGuantanamo Bay Naval BaseMiami International Airport

Question 2: Wasp and her consorts passed through the ________ under cover of the pre-dawn darkness on 19 April, avoiding the possibility of being discovered by Spanish or Axis agents.
Mediterranean SeaSpainStrait of GibraltarMorocco

Question 3: Wasp—together with the carriers Saratoga and Enterprise—was assigned to the Support Force under Vice Admiral ________.
Frank Jack FletcherGuadalcanal CampaignAubrey FitchUSS Yorktown (CV-5)

Question 4: Lansdowne's Mark 15 torpedoes had the same unrecognized flaws reported for the ________.
USS Sargo (SS-188)Mark 14 torpedoCharles A. LockwoodUnited States Navy

Question 5: Accordingly, Wasp, light cruiser Brooklyn, and destroyers Sterett and Wilson, departed Grassy Bay and headed for ________.
FranceFrench GuianaMartiniqueGuadeloupe

Question 6: While at Boston, she fired a ________ and rendered honors to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose yacht, Potomac, stopped briefly at the Boston Navy Yard on 10 August.
Accession Day21-gun saluteMonarchyGibraltar

Question 7: Wasp drew ferry duty once again to participate in Operation Calendar, one of many ________
Malta ConvoysOperation Harpoon (1942)Operation VigorousOperation Pedestal

Question 8: Then, after first conducting ________ experiments with Hannibal, she steamed independently to Cuba.
Magnetic fieldMagnetNaval mineDegaussing

Question 9: Meanwhile, naval authorities felt considerable anxiety that French warships in the Caribbean and ________ were prepared to make a breakout and attempt to get back to France.
CaribbeanNorth AmericaAmericasLatin America

Question 10: Wasp then proceeded on toward ________ in company with destroyers Plunkett and Niblack.


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